#Presidential debates #1 and my superficial nature

I really want to know what other people thought because sometimes I’m so focused on eyes, smiles and tics that I forget to be truly focused on the verbiage.

1. #Beto O’Rourke: dead ringer for #Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”?

2. #Cory Booker: #The Lion King?

3. #Julian Castro: Okay, long one here, but I really want to know. Does anyone think that this is a postcolonial moment for the South Americas? As in, as once Europe invaded and dominated South America — and I have never read anything about why they spared the indigenes up north in that time period — is the sub Rio Grande returning in the endless cycle of history (also know as Revolution) to dominate North America? Are we going to see Hispanic and Latino will of the people dominate the US elections this year? I certainly hope so. Beto does, also, speak fluent Spanish and I love that about him far more than rumors that he brings back JFK to some people.

4. #Tim Ryan: “Forgotten” communities. The rust belt. Good show, Tim! Keeping alive the specter of Marx as America’s haunt!

5. #Bill Blasio: I wonder if standing at the very end of the phalanx is difficult vantage point to advance.

6. #Elizabeth Klobuchar: From where All the Women are Strong? I felt badly for that she lowered her gaze after every answer as if she already felt overcome and overshadowed.

7. #Tulsi Gabbard: Splash of color! Go Tulsi!

8. #John Delaney: Nervous and also riding the flank in most ways.

9. #Jay Inslee: Gotta love the man who gives climate change FIRST priority on his ticket.

10: #Elizabeth Warren: The kindest, sweetest, most attentive face. The face, eyes and eagerness of a sixteen-year-old and the mind of a sage. Later excluded from the ring as older woman — hence important — in the hobnob. (see screenshot above). So far, I vote for her.

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