Sometimes the simplest of things are reminders to care, and take care

I’ve been incognita.

Actually, I’ve been in #Vermont, the gorgeously peaceful state to which some unseen hand seems to return me in summers. This is my second one.

While here, the #Democratic party has cracked somewhere down the middle because of the spat that #AOC and Nancy #Pelosi are having over what, I believe, is best expressed as the soul of the party, the #voiceofthe people. In Latin there’s a phrase, #VoxPopuliVox Dei. The voice of the people is the voice of the God.

And the people are being told that a young Indian man who is #AOC’s chief of staff is wearing a Nazi-supporting t-shirt because his t-shirt praises #SubhashChandraBose, India’s brave freedom fighter who sought support from Germany in the struggle to uproot the #British from India because he believed that might only listens to might.

And the people are also being told that everything is fine in today’s #concentrationcamps along the border. That #babies are not lying on the floor in urine, lice and mucus.

But the people know. They know that all fights for the right are usually down to the bone. And that the true #enemiesofthepeople don’t care about babies dying in their camps, but about self-aggrandizing #July4 parades.

It makes me remember #FrederickDouglass, who wrote: “What to a Slave is the 4th of July?”

People are posing that question again to unrestrained power and force.

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