To #Walt Disney

Out of school you dropped

like genius apple on California soil

deciding to bring to the land of gold and oil

adam and eve, prop after prop.

Paradise to you, though — palm trees, whitecaps at santa monica,

and whatever made hollywood glow at night like dragonscales —

was about stealing the world where real people lived and giving

it to a den of thieves

no less.

How else explain

burgling every other culture, all other peoples,

of the scant coverings of their poetry

and making them slaves

of what America wanted to see and sing when it still thought it was

saving the world from huns and yellow peril

and holding its own japs in caves.

The pain tonight of watching your #Aladdin


#WillSmith, how many more #magicnegroes in you,


The audience motionless before the silver screen

watching moslems always making trouble

and babbling evil

but arab stew still ‘so hot.’

Because, #Mewar Kenzari from The Hague,

you so cute, not?

‘Wid yer demented looks and your crazy-ass evil

they make you look just like an al qaeda devil.’

But #magicnegros and hot #terrorists

work great together for Disney’s melting pot,

and the pretty, ripe ladies just go clap-clap

in all that islamic booty-twirling rap

and all right’s with Walt’s world because

the blacks and the moslems get the bad rap.





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