Are we there yet?

When my father died a month ago it changed my world. Again. The last time had been when my mother passed away, six years ago. So, among other things, it returned me to renewed, perhaps frantic searching for the meaning of existence as well as the meaning of annihilation.

I conclude that the meaning of either existence or annihilation lies in the collective life and survival of all that is around us. Even so called inert matter. I conclude that our existence matters because in the end we are part of a non-dualistic cosmos: the whole is nothing but the parts; the parts are in themselves the whole. Matter is vibrant; matter is radiant. Like us, as long as we respect that.

So if we don’t listen to the planet when it asks us to take care of it and save it, what business do we have on it?

You know the answer.

Thanks, Baba, for always teaching me the Gita’s lessons even when I didn’t want to learn. And thanks for being my father for eighty-one glorious years without a dull moment. I love you, always.

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