Love’s Garden, or, the secret I kept for fifteen years

That’s right. It took me fifteen years to write about thirty versions of my debut novel Love’w Garden, until editors and readers thought I’d got it right. So, to begin with, writers take heart. The only thing you mustn’t do is stop writing. It will take the time it takes but patience is the sweetest sauce.

I want to share with my dear readers, family and friends, near and far the press release for Love’s Garden. Do browse, and think of eight very happy writers. You’ll see the cover of Love’s Garden on the top right.


“Love’s Garden” (ISBN: 978-1-951547-08-0), historical fiction by Nandini Bhattacharya (October 27, 2020)

The book is available for pre-order directly from the publisher’s website at:

OH BY THE WAY! If you have responses to the current cover design of Love’s Garden I’d LOVE to hear from you. The current image is not final, and if you would like to suggest changes I would be more than delighted. Thanks, all! You can comment directly at the link on this post.


  1. Pat Murphy

    Wonderful writing, great insights


  2. Scott Coon

    I like it. It draws me in.


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