The Daily Path, by my friend Debjani Roysarkar-Gupta, a true hidden talent

These are the days of arid pauses and stricken silence. In these days, my talented girlhood friend Debjani — physician, painter, poet, mother, wife and voyager — has come forth with a truly meditative philosophical fable about where our place is, with or without CORONA. I wanted to share it with my readers and friends who are also, perhaps, struggling to find an aesthetic for mutation, muteness and mutability….without despair.

Photo by Nicolas Veithen on


A ticket for a round trip please.
Where to?
To a gentler caring world, at least for today.

The Conductor smiled at the naive request,
A word of caution…
Co passengers happy and sad , quiet and brash,
Would travel alongside part of your way.
Make room for them you must while looking after your space
As you travel the tracks till the end of the road .

Make your choice well where you alight for the day,
The desired and perceived may be at variance with the real.
The terrain can be slippery and rocky,
No green pastures promised.
The weather turbulent and stormy,
No mellow sunshine promised.
A helping hand with kind words would be good fortune,
When searching for ways amidst the swirling deafening crowd .

But step down you must to brave the elements,
And travel the daily path with the changing tracks.
With a reassuring thought…
It is a time bound round trip at the end of the day….
The good the bad the ugly, all have their predetermined entrances and exits .

So somewhere alongside the fury of the raging storm,
There lies comforting sunshine.
So somewhere alongside numbing despair
There lies hope, faith and belief .

Debjani Gupta

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