Love’s Garden — Nearly There!

Dear Friends, sharing the latest news about my debut novel

Love’s Garden, a novel by Nandini Bhattacharya

I am happy to say that any day, any hour, any second now, Love’s Garden will turn from an e-document into a paperback book! So yes, folks, printing and distribution are imminent! Soon Love’s Garden will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and elsewhere. I’ll make sure and share updates with you. It’s been a wait, but it’s the marathon that counts, not the sprint….


AND here’s a little excerpt for your entertainment:

“In the year 1898, in a corner of Britain’s far-flung empire where the imperial sun is still rampant, a train snakes through a vast plain checkered by bronze, green and ochre fields of wheat, corn and millet. A woman stumbles through the train, passing compartments, peering into some, trying to reach the engine at the front. Her name is Saroj and she wants to stop the train. Stop the train. Get off.

How can this be happening? Why hasn’t Munia come? She promised she would come, without fail. Munia knows the stakes. She swore on her honor and her love.

People are sleeping — seated, slumped, stretched out — some with their entire bodies and heads covered with makeshift sheets, others in ugly positions that bring no shame only to the utterly oblivious. The train is completely dark. Here and there Saroj hears a moan, a whimper, even a low droning. Is that an infant crying, though? Saroj freezes for a long second. No, it’s a little girl who has fallen off a bunk. She is lying sprawled on the dirty floor, sobbing, as if getting up without her mother’s remorseful help is out of the question. Saroj can’t wait, can’t stop, can’t step into the compartment and help her up. No time to lose. Saroj lurches on, forward.

The engine shrieks — again and again — as it shreds the night. Saroj begins to think she will not be able to reach that engine compartment where the driver and the stoker are busy urging on the machine like a trained beast. Her legs are giving way. The spirit billows out of her, like smoke from an extinguished fire. All is burning. All has burned.

She should have burned too. It was her fate. But she erred. She sinned. Had she sinned? Had she erred? The old agony of that dilemma stops her as if someone has just punched her in the gut. She doesn’t even try to break her fall to the floor.

On the gritty floor of the snaking train taking her away from everything she has ever known or loved, Saroj dies that night, inside.”

By the way, here’s a little interview I recently gave my friend Scott Coon

The Little Creative Interview
With Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya
Author, teacher, mother, tree-hugger, rooming with two humans and two marmalade cats

And Check out Scott’s new book

Lost Helix



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