Elizabeth Hazen’s GIRLS LIKE US: POEMS is a feat of and feast of women’s poetry

lines of verse step out and push one hard in the chest, obliging exclamation, pause, reckoning, refamiliarization, resumption

This thing that makes me happy

Love’s Garden in the time of Corona These are tough times. We feel trapped. We feel alone. We miss the people we took for granted. We miss things we took for granted. We look back on our hopes and dreams. We wonder. We choose. We reflect. And maybe we read. Love’s Garden, is now available for pre-order from Aubade Publishing at https://aubadepublishing.com/books/loves-garden

Love’s Garden, or, the secret I kept for fifteen years

If you have responses to the current cover design of Love’s Garden I’d LOVE to hear from you. The current image is not final, and if you would like to suggest changes I would be more than delighted. Thanks, all! You can comment directly at the link on this post.

Heartbreak Bay; Adrienne Brodeur’s memoir Wild Game

You learn about the narrator and you cluck-cluck at her adolescent mistakes of judgment (if that’s what they are, as in they were generated by her fervent love for her complicated and beautiful mother); you grow up with her and her inner anguish; you break away with relief and happiness for her.

Where’s My Coffee???

I mostly write, but sometimes I make other things because making things is joyful! My kitty looked up at me this morning and said, “Isn’t coffee wonderful?” I had to agree. And then make her this cushion. You can find it at redbubble.com https://www.redbubble.com/people/gayatris2/works/43682933-wheres-my-coffee?p=throw-pillow&asc=u&fbclid=IwAR2xV31hhBZbr-_t2htJBOq5X8SfPH5ES_suOQW1CBhiZGaPNu0vYZJ3W4Q