To Write About and From Within the Ineffable, the Unthinkable, the Unimaginable–Can You?

Have we, in some elusive way, been using language as not expression but as count?… ? And fast?

Goodbye, America?

By many accounts, the American Empire is coming to an end. Like all other empires, this one shows predicted and predictable signs of weakening, loosening, maybe imploding. Historians have found their pens energized by drawing comparisons with other empires, most prominently with the most recent and comparable precursor: the British Empire. Here’s historian Niall Ferguson on the subject: “Since 1914, the nation [Britain] had endured war, financial crisis and in 1918-19 a terrible pandemic, the Spanish influenza. The economic landscape was overshadowed by a mountain of debt. . . . A highly unequal society inspired politicians on the left to…

My Pushcart Nomination

‘After the House Burned Down”

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How to Write a Historical Novel and (MAYBE) not be in it….

Writing the Historical Novel: Reading and Craft talk with Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya–Zoom Nov. 5th 4-5 PM