“The Land of the NRA, the Home of the Dead”

I am an immigrant to this country, with an American son. Today, to me, freedom in America seems to be coming close to meaning the good fortune for my son to not get shot randomly, coldly, in a public place, anywhere, in any-town, at any-time America….

Roe v Wade Overturned

My Friends, enjoy the future drafted and curated for women by Amy Coney Barrett, who definitely far exceeds at least Clarence Thomas in the cojones department.

Washington DC South Asia Literary Festival Panel now on YOUTUBE

One of BUZZFEED News’ “15 Books From Smaller Presses You Won’t Be Able to Put Down!”

Inviting YOU

to the Washington DC, South Asia Literary Festival 2022 Friends, you are warmly invited to the following event: Washington DC, South Asia Literary Festival 2022 Sample More About Love’s Garden And Related Events Below:                                                

Usha AKella Gives Ghazal Workshops

Details about the ghazal workshop. Please help up promote the upcoming classes and readings. Fetch the Fire: Writing the Ghazal Workshop with Usha Akella via Zoom on February 12, 12:30-2:30pm Eastern time https://www.writerscenter.org/calendar/ghazalworkshop/ The ghazal—the form architected to express the universal language of Love is one of the East’s more known poetic forms in the West. We will learn about the history, tropes, themes and stylistic intricacies of this couplet-form while learning how to write one—adapting it to contemporary usage without losing the charm of its original spirit and flavor. We will explore the magic of cadence, rhythm and repetition to unify a poem while…