The Daily Path, by my friend Debjani Roysarkar-Gupta, a true hidden talent

These are the days of arid pauses and stricken silence. In these days, my talented girlhood friend Debjani — physician, painter, poet, mother, wife and voyager — has come forth with a truly meditative philosophical fable about where our place is, with or without CORONA. I wanted to share it with my readers and friends who are also, perhaps, struggling to find an aesthetic for mutation, muteness and mutability….without despair. THE DAILY PATH A ticket for a round trip please.Where to?To a gentler caring world, at least for today. The Conductor smiled at the naive request,A word of caution…Co passengers…

This thing that makes me happy

Love’s Garden in the time of Corona These are tough times. We feel trapped. We feel alone. We miss the people we took for granted. We miss things we took for granted. We look back on our hopes and dreams. We wonder. We choose. We reflect. And maybe we read. Love’s Garden, is now available for pre-order from Aubade Publishing at