My novel, Love’s Garden (September 2020) is about violence in war and in love

Friends, too bad I don’t even have a jacket cover yet, but please read and share, if you can, my novel #Love’s #Garden when it is published in #September 2020. I’ll be reminding you again, of course, but in the times we are living, loves are sometimes, for some, violent as war. And when it comes to world politics, the two realities — #love and #war — are being pitted against with terrific violence.

It’s sort of trendy to write about violence these days. #Yeats’ poem ‘A Terrible Beauty’ is serving as a low-paid rental for some pretty unremarkable views out there. But trendy or not, we humans are trailed by violence, our spirits colored by it, and yet we manage, we remember to love. As my novel shows, love can build gardens on graveyards of #history.

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Can #Trump’s foolish tweets about #Saudi Arabia and #Iran after the recent attack on the Saudi refinery wither the chances of bloom and harvest in our loved gardens? Of course, but reading about past eras — the first and second world wars and worldwide independence movements — will recall all the ways in which those who came before us managed to survive wars without and within, making new gardens of love.

Let me know what you think!

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