Juneteenth in George Floyd’s America

And only last night I wrote about gender and the life-long flogging life as a woman can seem, even if you are not a person of color.

But where’s the time to stay on top of events in the United States of America? Especially when it is events related to racist hatred and murder? We’ve got a new one now. I beg your pardon; a new reported one today. Please watch.

My son’s father is black. My son doesn’t want to watch and discuss what’s happening sometimes. I used to get upset about that. It was in part a mother’s righteous upset. Don’t you want to know what can kill you for doing nothing? Don’t you want to help those who are like you, in this American nightmare that isn’t over after four centuries?

I’m beginning to understand, though. In part by connecting this to what I blogged yesterday about what a woman is thought to be for. Which is domination by anyone who calls themselves a ‘man.’ I am a woman. And if I began to hear and think about every time a woman is beaten, raped, tortured and killed, I couldn’t go out of my house any more.

Sometimes, even now, I almost can’t.

Wherever you are, and whoever you are, reading this, what are we going to do? What are we going to do when it looks like the ‘man’ who stands behind all this is probably going to get re-elected in November 2020?

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