What’s the TIME?

What we are facing here is something unprecedented. This is a very serious health crisis. Pandemics and health crises of this nature are as old as humanity… But with COVID, this pandemic stems from humanity’s deteriorating relationship with nature. We have reduced dramatically the earth’s biodiversity. What is completely new today is that humanity has become a geological force unto itself.

Francois Hartog, historian of ideas


Have you noticed the recent ballooning and shrinking of your time, which makes you not know what day or even, sometimes, what TIME it is?

You are not alone. (Though you may be, because of COVID lockdown.)

That’s why I’m sharing with you a relevant article from FORTUNE magazine. You’ll have to register for free to read this, but it may be well worth your TIME. And in any case, what else is there to do with all this TIME? Do it any TIME. You’ve got plenty. Below is a little taste of how insightful Hartog is in reminding us that pandemics of all times are not only medical, but technological and political: “Politics these days is nothing if not presentist. Trump is the best example of this, and his Tweets are the best signal of that. He represents the zero-degree of politics. The nature of Twitter is to put you in a loop —someone says something, you reply, and then a few minutes later, it has lost all its meaning. And now all politicians are using Twitter for their communications. And that can distort not only the present, but the instant —particularly, if in the very next instant, the message is totally different. In that case, you are no longer obliged to remember what was said just three minutes earlier. In this kind of politics, it’s all about, first, reaction, and then emotion. And, of course, you have no space for any kind of reflection or analysis. You cannot take any distance to assess. You have to be on the spot, every minute.”

Is COVID the end of TIME? Or is it nudging us that it’s TIME to do something about acting like we have all the TIME in the world for everything and neither past nor future matter, just the HERE and NOW. TAKE YOUR TIME, think about it, and join the conversation…..

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