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Holding the first print copy of my debut novel, Love's Garden

Holding my first print copy of my debut novel. I never thought this would happen. So, thanks to all whom I acknowledge in the book and to all readers who would honor me by reading it.

Love’s Garden

It’s 1898. India is ruled by the British, and India’s women are ruled by British masters as well as Indian men. A desperate young widow makes an unspeakable sacrifice to save herself from ultimate dishonor. Though she marries a stranger for security and shelter, her damaged second family pays dearly for this Faustian bargain. Then, an extraordinary atonement, and strange liaisons in politics and love — spanning the two world wars and India’s independence movement — help her descendants heal from this traumatic private history. Love’s Garden demonstrates the strength, resilience, and spirit of mothers and daughters navigating layers of oppression, all while the sun not-so-peacefully sets on British India.

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I’m an emerging debut novelist. If only my parents had been alive to read my novel, inspired so largely by stories they told me! So I’d be truly honored to know what you thought of my novel should you get a chance to read it. Do leave comments here or on Amazon.com!


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