Joyfully announcing retailers for Love’s Garden, my novel, in India

Love's Garden front cover

Thanks to Aubade Publishing, my wonderful allies and publisher! Friends, Amazon totally sank sales of Love’s Garden in India by listing the book at 2400 INR! We complained, and they simply yanked the book from the shelves. Dear Friends and Readers, near and far, this is another reason we don’t like the cosmic strongman Jeff Bezos. We didn’t like him before, but even less now!

But, my wonderful publisher Joe Puckett, owner of Aubade Publishing, found a retailer in India who will sell the novel for 500 INR. N0w that’s a decent price, one I wouldn’t be ashamed of.

So Readers and friends, please help me celebrate. If you are in the US, please go out and vote, and. And if you are in India, praise the Warrior Mother and enjoy this meme I’m calling ‘the Mahisha-Don-Mardini‘! You will know why!


And you must know, the Mother will understand if you don’t visit her in pandals this year, for she knows our hearts, is in our hearts. She is our heart. For she is our MOTHER. We worship her in our hearts.

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