November 3, 2020 — what will the next eighty years bring?

I don’t know, folks, but today maybe one of the most important days in the history of the twenty-first century. So I do hope, if you are in America, you’ve voted already or are going to vote.

And I am full of hope, anxiety, and truth be told, fear, because we know that the stakes are among the highest in our life times. I’m having a hard time sitting still, so I’ve been gardening.

But there was a little ray of sunshine for me, personally, this morning, and I want to share it with you. It’s Buzzfeed on Love’s Garden.

Love's Garden front cover

“Love is an enigma, but marriage is serious business,” writes Bhattacharya in this novel that spans three decades and three generations of women in India under British colonial rule. The book deftly confronts how, for these women, marriage is often an escape route and the only pathway to having a home of their own. Though the setting is somewhat historical, spanning both world wars and the turbulent backdrop of the Indian independence movement, the novel is a timeless story of redemption.” — Wendy J. Fox

I am humbled.

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